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Founders of Startups

The BLUMExPODCAST focuses on how startups get off the ground and gain traction. This podcast covers ways that startups have acquired users, found product market fit, built their brand, created clever marketing strategies, found their first employees, found the right co-founder(s), using influencers to market a product, and so much more.


who work with Startups.

We explores and argues for more contradictory methods on how to run a business and work in general. Focused more on practical and technical tips for professionals who want to work with startups. Great for anyone working for or on a business looking for interesting insights into the future of work and working within the innovation economy.

Investors of Startups

What large enterprises have bought a company recently? Any businesses that went public? Or sold? What big trends or interesting advances are being made by big tech companies right now? Keep up to date with how capital flows.